Unmasked: Behind-The-Scenes Photo From Tim Burton’s BATMAN

It’s always good to see any behind-the-scenes pics from movies – and this one from Tim Burton’s Batman is great. You see Michael Keaton in his costume – but without his cape and cowl, alongside his stunt double and Jack Nicholson‘s Joker.

Obviously shot during the 1989 film’s climax on the Gotham Cathedral set, this is an intriguing candid snap. It’s worth noting how small Keaton looks standing beside Nicholson.

Burton’s Batman was the first appropriate big-screen incarnation of The Dark Knight. Furthermore, Jack Nicholson’s legendary Joker seized the limelight, but Keaton’s Batman/Bruce Wayne persona came under a lot of fire even before a trailer was cut. Fans bombarded Warner Bros with letters of protest in the belief that the actor (who was best known for his comic performances) would deliver a character who was similar to Adam West’s crime fighter. After a trailer was rush released for a comic convention to soothe fans’ worries, Batman media hype went into overdrive.

Budgeted at $40 million, Batman grossed $251 million at the US box office and $411.5 million globally.