Uncovering Curiosities: Humberto Rosa & Thairon Mendes’ INVOKED

Movies In Focus lets out an audible groan when it’s time to review a found footage horror movie. They’re usually always bad, but every so often a little gem manages to float to to the surface of the quagmire. 2015’s Invoked happens to be a good one, a very good one, in fact.

Anyone familiar with the trappings of low budget should know the drill by now – a group of young people head-out into the wilderness for a weekend of fun a frolics but things take a turn and something bad happens. This time around a group of 20-somethings go to a deserted hostel on the west coast of Ireland where things go bump in the night and the group discover that they may not be alone.

Directors Humberto Rosa and Thairon Mendes have crafted a fun little film with strong performances from its unknown cast. The actors give an honesty to their roles, ensuring that you believe they’re real people – a must for this type of movie. The directors have managed to give a freshness to their feature, despite its running list of horror tropes. Maybe it’s the ‘Irishness’ to the whole endeavour. Ireland has a rich mystical heritage which means you don’t have to over-explain things too much. This means you can spend time building character and scares.

Invoked is an uber-low budget effort but Rosa and Mendes have managed to make the most of their location, while also throwing in a few CGI effects to add a supernatural quality to the film’s finale. This Irish horror hits all the right marks – and it’s one of the best ‘found footage’ films since The Blair Witch Project hit screens at the end of the last century. This is definitely worth a look for horror buffs.