Uncovering Curiosities: Felix Randau’s ICEMAN

Just a heads-up: 2017’s Iceman is not a Top Gun spin-off that sees Val Kilmer’s Tom Kazansky take to the skies on a solo mission. Felix Randau’s survival drama is based ‘Ötzi’, the mummified remains of a Neolithic man who was found in the Alps in 1991. Randau spins a story around the remains, crafting a solid man-vs-nature revenge thriller that’s part The Revenant and part Apocalypto.

After his family and village is wiped-out by raiders, Jürgen Vogel’s Ötzi (actually called Kelab, apparently) sets-off with his tribe’s surviving baby to seek payback on the perpetrators. The men Kelab is tracking are dangerous, but so is the mountainous terrain which will ultimately become his final resting place.

Randau keeps things moving at a good pace, littering his film with enough visceral action to keep you interested. It’s a necessity really, as this is mainly a dialogue (and plot) free piece which also comes with the added problem, in that we know our main character is going to end-up dying on the side of a mountain. However, Iceman (aka Der Mann aus dem Eis) is all about the stunning landscape – and this is beautifully realised by cinematographer Jakub Bejnarowicz.