Uncovering Curiosities: Brian Taylor’s MOM AND DAD

The mighty Nicolas Cage must be the hardest working man in Hollywood. In 2017 Cage took us on a comedic-horror journey through suburbia with the hugely entertaining Mom And Dad. 

Written and directed by Brian Taylor, Mom And Dad sees a unexplained phenomenon break-out across the US which sees parents turn against their kids, causing mass murder across the country. Cage and Selma Blair play the seemingly happy parents of two children (Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur), when they’re taken by the sudden urge to kill them. Cue a game of cat and mouse as the kids attempt to keep one step head of their parents in the family home. Think Home Alone meets the last act of The Shining – in suburbia. 

Brian Taylor’s film has its tongue so far in its cheek that it looks like a nuclear abscess. Comedy and horror cross together to create a cartoonish streak that never breaks through the film’s 90 minute running time. However, there’s a also some emotional honesty which sees Cage and Blair’s characters have moments where they (re)evaluate their lives. Cage in particular has a great monologue, which hits a wonderful note, that sadly has the potential to be over-looked by those only watching the film for the carnage and the moment where the actor destroys a pool table whilst singing the Hokey pokey. 

The only downside to Taylor’s film is the over use of musical cues and the serious mis-use of Lance Henriksen, as Cage’s father, who drops by for a visit and decides to open-up a can of psychotic whoop-ass on his son. Ultimately, these are small niggles in a film which is designed as a delicious dollop of B-movie excess.  

Gloriously over-the-top, Mom And Dad is a hugely entertaining comedy-horror that’s a particular must for parents.