Uncovering Curiosities: Adam Rifkin’s THE LAST MOVIE STAR 

Hollywood great, Burt Reynolds embraces the twilight of his career with The Last Movie Star. Adam Rifkin’s poignant comedy sees the ageing movie star play an ageing movie star who ends up in a career retrospective that isn’t quite what he expected. 

The Last Movie Star (previously known by the lesser title Dog Years) is a film which leans heavily on Burt Reynolds’ career as a leading man. There was a time in the late 1970s and early 1980s where Reynolds was the biggest movie star in the world (he was almost James Bond!). That’s the same career sphere as Vic Edwards, the character which the Smokey And The Bandit star plays here. You can’t watch the film without feeling mortality knocking at your own door, never mind seeing a frail (albeit very game) Reynolds  play a man who is a million miles away from the hunky stud that he was in his prime. 

The Last Movie Star gets extra points for having Chevy Chase make an appearance as Edwards’ old school confidante. These two movie stars peaked in the ‘80s, but they still have more charisma than Chris’ Pine, Hemsworth and Evans combined The young cast (Clark Duke, Ellar Coltrane and Ariel Winter) put in solid turns, but this is a movie that lets Reynolds shine in a great, late lead role.

In might not be a film for the Avengers crowd, but The Last Movie Star will score big for its intended audience.