Trailer: Psychological Thriller INTO THE LABYRINTH Starring Dustin Hoffman

The mighty Dustin Hoffman leads the cast of the psychological thriller Into The LabyrinthDonato Carrisi directs the film which also stars Toni Servillo and Valentina Bellè. 

This trailer for the Italian thriller (also called L’uomo del labirinto) is visually impressive and atmospheric. I’d watch Dustin Hoffman in anything, so this seems like one to check out. 

A kidnapped girl is found 15 years after her abduction. A celebrated psychiatrist is trying to deal with her trauma and a retired detective who only has hours to live is ready to put it all on the line to find a vicious killer. Will he be able to succeed? And who is the real villain?
Darkland Distribution will release Into The Labyrinth in the UK on DVD & Digital Download from 19 April 2021.