Trailer: Please Allow Me To Introduce Nicolas Cage & Joel Kinnaman In SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL

Love him, loathe him or meme him – there’s no doubting that Nicolas Cage loves to act. The man always seems to have a continuous stream of movies on the way – and his next is Sympathy For The Devil. The pic, a thriller co-starring Joel Kinnaman comes from director Yuval Adler and screenwriter Luke Paradise. I’m getting notes of Collateral from this first trailer, but there’s also a very Cageian bent to proceedings. It looks fun. 

It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic between Cage and Kinnaman in Sympathy For The Devil. The former likes to turn his performances up to 11, while the latter is very much an understated performer. I wonder how this oil and water combo will play out – but I think we all know that audiences will be going to see what Cage brings to the table (sorry Joel). 

We’ll find out when Sympathy For The Devil hits U.S. cinemas on 28th July, 2023. 

On a side note – this film better include the song of the same name by The Rolling Stones. Just sayin’. 

The Synopsis:

After being forced to drive a mysterious passenger at gunpoint, a man finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse where it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. 

The Trailer: