Trailer: Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Dockery & Topher Grace In Mel Gibson’s FLIGHT RISK

From the Academy Award-winning director of Braveheart, Apocalypto and Hacksaw Ridge. You bet I’ll be watching Mel Gibson‘s airborne thriller Flight Risk when it hits screens on 18th October 2024.

Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Dockery and Topher Grace, the pic looks like a claustrophic thriller, but if anyone can add a sense of kinetic energy to proceedings then it’s Gibson. As a director he knows how to add visual verve to his movies, crafting bold and brutal action sequences. 

On the surface, it might seem like directing a Mark Wahlberg thriller is a bit of a strange choice for Gibson considering his previous films have been more in the realm of prestige pictures, but they’ve all had plenty of action. Also, it would seem that Gibson and Wahlberg have become close in recent years, having worked together on Daddy’s Home 2 and Father Stu. Also, on paper, Gibson’s directorial efforts have all seemed like risky propositions, but he’s always managed to deliver a final product which has been both critically and financially successful. I expect no less from Flight Risk.

Regular Movies In Focus readers will know that I’m a fan of Gibson’s directorial style – so Flight Risk is a must-see film for me. 

The synopsis:

In this high-stakes suspense thriller, Academy Award® nominee Mark Wahlberg (Actor in a Supporting Role, 2006 – The Departed) plays a pilot transporting an Air Marshal (Michelle Dockery) accompanying a fugitive (Topher Grace) to trial. As they cross the Alaskan wilderness, tensions soar and trust is tested, as not everyone on board is who they seem.

The Trailer: