Trailer: It’s An EYE FOR AN EYE For John Travolta & Morgan Freeman

If Eye For An Eye (aka Poison Rose) was made 20 years ago it would have had a big budget, a large marketing push and it would probably have grossed $100 million.

However, we’re now in 2019 and the world of movies has changed – and that means a thriller starring John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Famke Janssen, Brendan Fraser and Peter Stormare written by George Gallo (Bad Boys, Midnight Run) is debuting on DVD & Digital HD 0n 1 July 2019. Nothing wrong with that.

I’m onboard for this thriller. I enjoy Travolta’s onscreen presence and I’m always curious to see what crazy shit Peter Stormare gets up to in front of cameras.

Check out the trailer for Eye For An Eye:

The synopsis:

John Travolta (Face/Off), Morgan Freeman (Olympus Has Fallen), Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Brendan Fraser (Crash) lend their talents to this searing detective thriller. Travolta plays Carson Philips, a hard-drinking L.A. private eye, who takes a case in his old hometown of Galveston, Texas. While searching for a missing woman, Philips must confront a crime boss (Freeman), a shady doctor (Fraser), a sexy club singer (Kat Graham: All Eyez on Me), his former lover (Famke Janssen) — and his own dark, disturbing past.