Trailer For The Unnecessary HITMAN: AGENT 47

I never saw the first Hitman. That was partly because I never played the video game it was based on and partly because it didn’t look very good. I get the feeling I won’t be seeing Hitman: Agent 47 either.
This appears to be generic action fare – Luc Besson-lite if you will. I’m not sure who the audience is for this type of action movie anymore. Surely the game players would prefer something with more special effects? I guess it’s pitched at the international market that loves a bit of Taken. This was a franchise once pitched at Bruce Willis and now it stars Rupert Friend. How times change.

Here’s the official synopsis:

HITMAN: AGENT 47 centers on an elite assassin (Rupert Friend) who was genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, and is known only by the last two digits on the barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. He is the culmination of decades of research – and forty-six earlier Agent clones — endowing him with unprecedented strength, speed, stamina and intelligence.

His latest target is a mega-corporation that plans to unlock the secret of Agent 47’s past to create an army of killers whose powers surpass even his own. Teaming up with a young woman who may hold the secret to overcoming their powerful and clandestine enemies, 47 confronts stunning revelations about his own origins and squares off in an epic battle with his deadliest foe.

Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto, Ciarán Hinds, Hannah Ware and Thomas Kretschmann star in Hitman: Agent 47 which opens on 27 August 2015.