Trailer For The Russo Brothers Produced Netflix Actioner EXTRACTION Starring Chris Hemsworth

Everyone’s favourite Avenger, Chris Hemsworth is a charismatic actor and Extraction certainly looks like a movie that fits well within his wheelhouse. The action pic sees Hemsworth play Tyler Rake, a mercenary hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord.

Written by Joe Russo (who also produces with his brother Anthony) and directed by stuntman-turned-director Sam Hargrave, this looks like a solid enough entertainment. However, I get the impression Extraction fails to offer anything new or exciting (much like the title). Maybe, I’m wrong.

What I don’t think I’m wrong about is the over reliance on CGI-augmented action. A film like this doesn’t need far-fetched superheroics. Hemsworth isn’t playing Thor here, he doesn’t need to leap-off a 1,000 foot cliff into water. 

I also take issue with Joe and Anthony being called ‘Visionary Directors’. 

Extraction hits Netflix on 24 April 2020.