Trailer For Taiwanese Revenge Thriller THE VERY LAST DAY

Movies In Focus was very impressed by writer-director Cedric Jouarie‘s powerful thriller, The Very Last Day. The Taiwanese revenge film is now available to buy and rent online from Vimeo

I said that The Very Last Day once again shows that great movies can come from unlikely places – you just have to keep an eye out for them. Writer-director Cédric Jouarie has managed to craft a film which is well acted and visually strong, offering-up a timely tale which should resonate with a global audience. It’s a conversation piece and a strong piece of entertainment – and that’s what you want from good cinema.’ Read the full review here

The synopsis:

Upon the release of his newest best-seller, a writer is forced into a situation where he must confront his inspirations. With a daughter that adores him, a wife that resents him, and a seductive fan that intrigues him, his world threatens to come crashing down as truths about his past are revealed.

The trailer:

The Very Last Day | Taiwanese Revenge

Thriller from Kamomé International on Vimeo.