Trailer For Scandi-Folk Horror SACRIFICE Starring Barbara Crampton

The mighty Barbara Crampton leads the cast of the new Scandi-folk horror, Sacrifice. This is an atmospheric and well-cut trailer for the film which comes from Andy Collier and Tor Mian. 

Ludovic Hughes and Sophie Stevens co-star in Sacrifice, as a couple expecting their first child who head to a remote Norwegian village after a death in the family only to find themselves caught up in a deadly cult.

This has appears to have hints of the classic folk horror, The Wicker Man and recent Midsommar and it looks like it might be a creepy slice of genre cinema when it arrives on digital in the UK on 15 March 2021 from 101 Films. 

The synopsis:

After his mother, dies New Yorker Isaac (Ludovic Hughes – Murder Maps, Ride) and pregnant wife (Sophie Stevens – The Haunted, The Black Prince) journey back to the remote Norwegian village of his birth to get the family affairs in order.

The frosty welcome the couple receive from locals when they arrive soon warms as villagers learn their family name and are soon taken under the wing of policewoman (Crampton), but is she everything she seems?

The pair soon discover dark secrets from Isaac’s past and things become increasingly strange as Emma’s nightmares become all too real. A sinister cult that worships a sea-dwelling deity turns its followers’ attentions to the couple. Is it by chance or is it fate? And will they make the ultimate sacrifice?

The trailer: