Trailer For Richard Stanley’s Mind-bending Nicolas Cage Sci-Fi Starrer COLOR OUT OF SPACE

Movies In Focus caught Richard Stanley’s mind-bending H.P. Lovecraft adaptation Color Out Of Space at the 2019 Mayhem Film Festival. It’s pretty far-out there on a story and visual level (as you would expect) but there’s enjoyment to be had for sure. 

Color Out Of Space sees director Richard Stanley return after a 27 year hiatus to deliver this H.P. Lovecraft sci-fi/horror. It’s like an Amblin movie on acid or E.T. meets The Thing. Nicolas Cage gets to delve deep into his box of acting tricks, delivering everything on the spectrum from ‘gee-shucks’ family man to full-blown ‘Cage’. 

The first two-thirds are great, but the film seriously loses its way towards the finale. I was disappointed but I recommend seeing it if you can. 

Color Out Of Space opens on January 24 2020