Trailer For John Reavey’s Short Film REAVEY BROTHERS

John Reavey’s short film, Reavey Brothers tells the true story of three young brothers who were murdered by gunmen in Armagh in 1976. The film follows the lead-up to the killings and the tragic aftermath of the event, which still resonates with the family and the community today. 

John Reavey, an award-winning director and nephew of the brothers, co-wrote the 20 minute film with Spanish filmmaker Jordi Estapé Montserrat. Starring Derry Girls star Dylan Llewellyn, Niall McNamee, Kevin Nugent and Geraldine McAlinden, Reavey Bothers was funded through a very successful crowdfunding campaign which netted over £20,000 – five times more than originally anticipated. 

The film has had a series of successful screenings throughout Ireland and the UK and more dates have been set – book your tickets here

Movies In Focus will have more content on Reavey Bothers and a review of the film soon. 

The synopsis:

Based on the true story “Reavey Brothers” is set on the nights leading up to 4th January, 1976. The Reavey family, Anthony (Dylan Llewellyn), John-Martin (Niall McNamee), Brian (Kevin Nugent) and matriarch mother Sadie (Geraldine McAlinden), live in a world torn by the atrocities of The Troubles and their reputation in the community is to work tirelessly towards anti-violence. We follow youngest brother Anthony, an aspiring footballer and writer, as he struggles to avoid the mayhem of bitter hatred and violence intertwined within their lives, until that is threatened when conflict arrives on their doorstep.
This is a gripping family drama that explores religious divide, the importance of family and how events beyond their control result in heartbreak.

The trailer: