Trailer For Indie Sci-Fi Film BLACK BOX

Movies In Focus loves to champion low budget filmmakers – especially those who work hard to push financial boundaries with a strong vision. That’s why I’ve been getting behind Angel Delgado‘s sci-fi film Black Box.

Delgado has shown some good versatility as a director having previously delivered the gritty gangster drama Brothers’ Day alongside producing partner Gemma Bradley back in 2014 (read a review here).

Black Box started principal photography in 2017 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, with postproduction wrapping in January 2020. The plan was for the claustrophobic drama to have premiered by now, but the launch was one of the many causalities of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here’s the synopsis of Black Box:

Marcus is the only survivor of a space accident in an asteroid-mining station. After the accident kills all the other people in it, he ends up trapped in a damaged escape pod, injured and experiencing memory loss. He manages to contact ground control, but he’ll need to remember what happened back at the station if they are to help him make it back alive to Earth.

While no release date is set, Movies In Focus has seen the movie – and it’s an impressive genre piece with strong special effects and nice twists and turns – a review will be coming soon. 

Here’e the trailer in the meantime…

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