The Town Writer Feels The Need For Speed With TOP GUN 2


Peter Craig, Ben Affleck’s co-writer on The Town has been hired by Paramount Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Skydance Productions to pen the next script for Top Gun 2.

Tom Cruise is eager to get another Top Gun film off the ground, and this new hiring indicates that the film is something that all involved want to happen . Cruise is coming off the biggest hit of his career with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which has grossed a massive $680 million globally, and it looks like he wants to keep knocking out those hits. Remember when he was rejected by Paramount following M:I3‘s ‘disappointing’ $397 million box office? I’m sure they don’t.

Top Gun grossed an impressive $354 million back in 1986, and a sequel would probably see Cruise instructing a team of young pilots, cue Bruckheimer sunsets and a soft rock soundtrack. To be fair, it’ll probably be some Pussycat Dolls style trash now that we’re in the 21st Century.

I’m still on the fence as to whether Top Gun 2 is a good idea. The original is a well made piece of popcorn cinema that is very much a product of its time – can that magic be recreated? Hmmm…

Source: THR