Top Christmas Movies: END OF DAYS

End Of Days sees Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting Satan (Gabriel Byrne) during the 1999 festive season. Okay, so I know it’s The Omen meets Terminator 2, but I loved this on-the-cusp of the millennium and I still love it more than 20 years on.

The end of the last millennium saw a huge amount of nihilistic horror and science fiction films hit movie screens. A really good one of these was Peter Hyams’s Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner 1999 End of Days.

The film was Schwarzenegger’s comeback film after the debacle of Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin and heart surgery (the two weren’t related). It’s not Schwarzenegger at his best, but Peter Hyams’ dark visuals, John Denby’s score and an interesting supporting role of Gabriel Byrne as Satan makes this an interesting curiosity. The film relied heavily on the fear of the new millennium and it pretty much reflects what the world was like at that point in time.