Tony Scott Directing Tom Cruise On The Set Of TOP GUN

The late Tony Scott‘s Top Gun mixed orange-tinted cinematography, fast editing and catchy music to deliver a rip-roaring slice of popcorn cinema. It was winning combination which went on to become a staple in Hollywood filmmaking throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. It still lives on today in the work of Michael Bay. 

The 1986 Tom Cruise starrer led to an increase in recruitment for the US Navy, helped take Cruise’s career to the next level of stardom and brought Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan and Anthony Edwards into the public arena. A sequel, Top Gun: Maverick is currently in set to be released in December 

Top Gun grossed nearly $180 million at the US box office and $177 million around the rest of the globe for a $358 million total in 1986 money. An impressive sum that would be nearly $1 billion in adjusted dollars.