Tom Cruise Catches The Train In These Behind The Scenes Images From MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

When Mission: Impossible hit screens back in 1996, we didn’t know that the series would still be going strong 26 years later. The Brian De Palma directed action-thriller was part of a wave of TV series adaptions which hit the screens in the 1990s (The Fugitive, Maverick, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Brady Bunch, The Avengers, The Saint, Lost In Space) but it’s the only one which is still a going concern decades on (Mission: Impossible 7&8 are currently in production). 

The show ran for 7 seasons (1966-1973) and 171 episodes and over the years its cast included Peter Graves, Martin LandauLeonard Nemoy, Barbara Bain, Lesley Ann Down and Sam Elliott. Lalo Schrifrin composed the now iconic theme tune – which is still used in the movies. An updated version of the show aired in 1988. It ran for 2 seasons (35 episodes) but it never matched the success of the original.

These behind-the-scenes images show Tom Cruise (and co-star Jon Voight) filming the film’s climatic train sequence. The blue screen effects in the film still hold-up quite well today, but you know that Cruise would be doing that for real if he could! 

On a side note – Jon Voight was 55 years old when Mission: Impossible was released in 1996.