Thomas Jane Is Back In A Sequel To GIVE ‘EM HELL, MALONE

If you haven’t seen 2009’s Give ‘Em Hell, Malone, then you really need to. Russell Mulcahy‘s film is a wonderfully pulpy thriller, with a tough-as-nails performance from Thomas Jane. It’s a real cult curio which is well worth your time.

Now Give ‘Em Hell, Malone is finally getting a belated sequel and both Jane and the original film’s writer, Mark Hosack are back. The plan is to turn the Malone into a viable film franchise. That’s fine by me – bring ’em on. 

Renegade Entertainment, the production company Jane co-founded with Courtney Lauren Penn and Jane is joining forces with Hannibal Media to bring the film to the screen – and filming is currently scheduled for the third quarter of 2021. 

According to Variety, ‘The upcoming installment picks up as Malone reemerges after a decade of hiding from his past. When a chance encounter suddenly exposes him to the world and a sinister attack puts a ticking clock on his chances of living, Malone sets out to find the man who is trying to kill him.’

Thomas Jane said:

“Malone has always been one of my favorite characters and we’re all thrilled that the original film found such a devoted fanbase. I couldn’t stop thinking about where Malone would be now and where he is headed.”

Mark Hosack said:

“Revisiting Malone is one of the highlights of my writing career. The idea was to inject Malone into a grounded, Hitchcockian-thriller this time — and put our anti-hero, not just through a physical grinder, but an emotional one as well. Sure, there’s all the action expected from a Malone movie, but as his story continues to unfold, you’ll get to see him journey to some pretty extreme places as a character. The idea is to keep it real and keep it dangerous. I can’t wait for everyone to check out what we’re cooking up.”

Sounds great. Movies In Focus can’t wait for this one! Keep reading to learn more about the sequel to Give ‘Em Hell, Malone

Source: Variety 


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