There’s Panic On The Trans-Siberian For Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee In HORROR EXPRESS

Gene Martin’s Horror Express plays-out like the winning combination of Murder On The Orient Express as well as The Thing. The 1972 Spanish/UK production sees Christopher Lee‘s anthropologist discovering a mysterious creature frozen within a cave in Manchuria. En route to England on the Trans-Siberian Express, the creature (which is actually an alien) thaws-out and starts killing passengers. Lee, assisted by Peter Cushing attempts to stop it. 

Called Pánico en el Transiberiano (Panic on the Trans-Siberian) in Spain, Horror Express is a well executed slice of genre cinema, with great tension. Horror icons Cushing and Lee are a winning pair and they help add some class to proceedings. The film also features a rather sumptuous score from composer John Cacavas.

Horror Express is now in the public domain and you can watch it online in a variety of websites and Arrow Films released a restored and special features-packed blu-ray in 2019.