THE WIZARD OF OZ To Celebrate 75th Anniversary In 3D IMAX


Movies In Focus isn’t a big fan of releases on 3D or IMAX, but the prospect of The Wizard Of Oz in the format (to celebrate its 75th Anniversary) sounds like it’s too good to miss, as the 1939 Judy Garland starrer is one of the few undisputed cinematic classics of all time. The movie is still stunning on a visual level and this can only be heightened by seeing in on the big, big screen (in 3D no less). The film underwent a frame by frame restoration over 18 months to get it ready for this release.

I’m usually cynical about these things, but seeing The Wizard Of Oz in this way could be something very special.

The Wizard Of Oz arrives on 3D IMAX and UK on 12 September, 2014