THE SHAPE OF WATER: Guillermo del Toro On Set With Sally Hawkins & Amphibian Man

Movies In Focus has never been taken by director Guillermo del Toro’s multi award-winning 2017 romantic fantasy, The Shape Of Water. There has always been something of the Emperor’s New Clothes about the 1960s set film. Yes, del Toror’s fantasy is a handsomely produced piece with a beautiful score from the great Alexandre Desplat but (deep breath)…it’s nothing special. Michael Shanon is a standard man in black villain and Sally Hawkin’s mute lead is a little too cutesy to captivate.

The main thrust of del Toro’s cold war era pic is about inclusion and it’s very much on-the-nose, with Doug Jones’ fish-man being the main metaphor. Throw in how characters deal with race and sexuality and it’s very much a 21st Century look as how we should treat each other.

This image shows Guillermo del Toro on set with actors Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones. 

The Shape Of Water won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Production Design, and Best Original Score. It grossed $63 million at the US box office and $195 million worldwide. 

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