The Only Way Is King Conan: Netflix Developing CONAN THE BARBARIAN Series

Pray to Crom! Netflix is currently developing a series based on Robert E. Howard’s Conan The Barbarian. Fredrik Malmberg and Mark Wheeler’s Pathfinder Media is behind the show which is part of a larger deal for the exclusive rights to the Conan library. This means the streaming service could  adapt Conan properties for film and TV in both live-action and animated form.

Obviously, Conan was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in John Milius’ 1982 epic Conan the Barbarian and its lesser (but fun) 1984 sequel Conan the Destroyer. Jason Momoa starred in 2011’s Conan The Barbarian – but that bombed at the box office – grossing just $64 million globally from a $90 million budget.

The only way to go here is to cast Arnold Schwarzenegger and make it as the long gestating King Conan – which follows Conan in his twilight years (often compared to Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven). Over the years the script has been in development at Universal Pictures and Amazon also had a go at making it, but nothing ever came to fruition.

Now is the time Netflix!

Schwarzenegger is game – and at 73 years old, he might not have a lot of time left to have a final go at playing the character which made him a star all those years ago. 

Source: Deadline