2 out of 5 stars

Wim Wenders – 2000.

The Million Dollar Hotel is a film which fails to deliver on the promise of its talent. Co-written by U2’s Bono, directed by Wim Wenders and produced by Mel Gibson‘s Icon Productions, it’s a really dull piece of arthouse cinema. The storyline is solid enough, but the meandering script lacks focus and proper characterisation. Things aren’t helped by Jeremy Davies’ twitchy lead performance – has there ever been a more annoying film protagonist? 

Mel Gibson livens-up proceedings as a weird neck-brace wearing F.B.I agent and his supporting role is one of the more interesting aspects of the film. It’s not enough to give it focus though and there’s a lot of over-acting by many of the other cast members. On paper the cast-list is impressive, but they’re mostly all ‘off’ performance-wise. Were they given any direction?

 The Million Dollar Hotel is a real misfire.