The Night Manager Director Susanne Bier In The Frame To Direct BOND 25


It looks like The Night Manager has been a good career enhancer for all involved. Tom Hiddleston’s turn in the espionage drama has earned him a spot on the James Bond shortlist and now it seems the show’s director, Susanne Bier is tipped to replace Sam Mendes as the director of Bond 25.

Mendes recently said that he was done helming Bond flicks and now the Radio Times is reporting that Bier is now on the list of potential directors for the new Bond adventure. If Bier gets the job, then she’ll be the first female director in the franchise’s 50 year history.

I’m not sure how much truth there is in this. I can’t see Barbara Broccoli hiring the entire team of The Night Manager, no matter how much the show tried to ape the Bond style. It shows a serious creative drought if EON decides to take the director and star of a television show that was so entrenched in Bondian tropes. They might as well give the makers of the Austin Powers franchise a call.

There might be some truth to this, but I imagine that if Bier is in, then Tom Hiddleston won’t be slipping into Daniel Craig’s tuxedo – and vice versa.

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Source: Radio Times