The Movies In Focus Recap Of MAYHEM 2016


Mayhem 2016 was yet another impressive year for the annual genre film festival which took at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema. Movies In Focus was once again on hand to sample the festival’s delights – and here’s the rundown of what impressed me:

The Duke St Workshop Live featuring Laurence R. Harvey
Actor Laurence R. Harvey (Human Centipede 2) read H.P Lovecraft’s From Beyond and The Hound. This was set to the wonderful ambient music from the Duke St Workshop. Abstract, psychedelic and atmospheric, this live performance was a highly impressive start to Mayhem 2016.


Carles Torrens’ Pet was a witty and dark tale of obsession. Dominic Monaghan and Ksenia Solo deliver strong work in this well balanced thriller. It’s gory, with a lot of intriguing twists.

The Ghoul
The highlight of Mayhem 2016, Gareth Tunley’s film is a well composed thriller that balances drama with horror elements. There’s a lot to appreciate with The Ghoul (produced by Ben Wheatley). It came with a good Q&A with Tunley, star Tom Meeton and producer Jack Guttmann.


Short Film Showcase
Mayhem 2016 came with a great selection of short films. The majority were fantastic but Movies In Focus’ favourites included Irish comedy horror Strangers In The Night (Conor McMahon), the thought-provoking Dawn of the Deaf (Rob Savage), ‘80s throwback Nasty, Prano Baily-Bond), the bizarre ManoMan (Simon Cartwright) and the highly effective The Stylist (Jill Gervargizia). Please note: I hated Calvin Lee Reeder’s puerile The Procedure.

Don’t Kill It

Dolph Lundgren does what he does best in this wry comedy-horror from director Mike Mendez. It’s violent as hell, but Mendez’s movie has its blood firmly in its cheek.


Roll-on Mayhem 2017.