The Mighty Cary Grant

The mighty Cary Grant is the gold standard to which all other movie stars are measured. Classy, sophisticated and endlessly cool, Grant’s screen presence is unrivalled. Equally at home in comedy and drama, his work appears to be effortless. Grant has starred in some of cinema’s best films, and even his lesser roles are filled with enough charm to knock everyone else off-screen.

Must See movies: North By Northwest, To Catch A Thief, Charade and Arsenic, His Girl Friday and Old Lace.

There will never be another movie star like Cary Grant. The man oozed style, class and sophistication – all of which stand up today.

Grant could walk the fine line between drama and comedy, while adding so much more to both genres. Every man should model himself on Cary Grant. That should be something which is written into every education syllabus.


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