THE HUNGER GAMES – It’s Not For Everyone


The Hunger Games isn’t aimed at people like me. It’s aimed at teenage girls, masses of them, and I’m a man in his 30s. I’m okay with that.

The film looks set to bank at least $100 million on its first weekend, that’s some serious cash for a film aimed at teenage girls. That’s Twilight money, something that rarely happens, – all you need to do is ask the makers of I Am Number Four (although it is tracking with teenage boys too).

The Hunger Games looks perfunctory (even with Steven Soderbergh shooting second unit), the books sound fine, and if they get kids reading then I’m happy. Just don’t expect to read too much about The Hunger Games on this site. Sure, I’ll touch on it, but Movies In Focus shouldn’t be the first port of call for those seeking knowledge on all things Katniss Everdeen.

Men, real men of a certain age should check out another film set in a dystopian future, one that involves hunting– Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man.