The Best Scene In Tim Burton’s BATMAN

Tim Burton‘s Batman is 30 years old. It’s crazy to write that – I remember seeing it on the big screen back in 1989. I was nine years old. Thirty years before 1989 was 1959 – a very different era. The world went Batman crazy in 1989 and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing the black and orange bat insignia.

Below is the best scene in the movie. It features Michael Keaton‘s Batman taking Vicky Vale (Kim Basinger) to the Batcave after escaping the clutches of The Joker (Jack Nicholson) and his goons. The visuals on display are stunning and Danny Elfman‘s sumptuous score is pure perfection (the track on the soundtrack album is Descent Into Mystery). It only lasts a minute and a half, but it pretty much sums up Burton’s take on The Dark Knight.