The Bat’s Back: Michael Keaton’s Batman Teased In First Footage From THE FLASH

This footage from The Flash opens to musical strains from Danny Elfman‘s 1989 Batman score. It shows an abandoned Wayne Manor and features Michael Keaton‘s Batman/Bruce Wayne in voice-over. We never see him, but his presence as felt this first footage – and we see him briefly from behind in the Batsuit.

Also briefly glimpsed in the trailer are two versions of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. From the sound of things, they’re trying to coax Keaton out of retirement to once again don the cowl. Talk about life imitating art. 

Director Andy Muschietti only recently wrapped filming on The Flash, so this footage is an early look at the multiverse spanning superhero movie. I’m interested to see how much of Tim Burton’s Gotham City is recreated in The Flash – and if they use any of Anton Furst’s glorious production design for the film. 

It’s official – Movies In Focus is excited about The Flash and looking forward to see in when it opens on 22 November 2022.