New Trailer And Poster For TERMINATOR GENISYS – It Looks Good!


Movies In Focus is usually the first to slam reboots, remakes and unnecessary sequels – but Terminator Genisys looks pretty good (really good actually). Don’t get me wrong, James Cameron’s first two Terminator films are classics in the sci-fi genre, but it seems director Alan Taylor has made a sequel that is the perfect homage to Cameron’s work.

Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke seems to be a great fit for Sarah Connor (who knew?), perfectly channelling Linda Hamilton, while Jai Courtney looks like he makes a decent Kyle Reese. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to be committed to the role here and the concept of an ageing Terminator and parallel lines to 1984’s The Terminator makes this a curious big budget endeavour.



Terminator Genisys opens in July 2015.