Tentative Thoughts On LET HIM GO Starring Kevin Costner & Diane Lane

This isn’t a review of Let Him Go – that will be coming soon. These are just Movies In Focus‘ tentative thoughts…

Thomas Bezucha’s Let Him Go is one of the best thrillers of the year. It’s an intelligent film which starts as a drama and then veers into horror territory.

Diane Lane delivers her best performance in years and she’s the emotional heart of the film as the grandmother eager to rescue her grandson. Kevin Costner is brilliant as the conflicted lawman who will do anything for his wife. Lane and Costner make for a terrific pairing and they’re a joy to watch on screen.  They were great and Ma and Pa Kent in Man Of Steel – but they’re better here. 

The film opened at number one at the US box office and Universal Pictures will release Let Him Go across cinemas in the UK and Ireland on 11 December.

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