Tech Addiction: Trailer & Poster For SCREENED OUT Trailer

Technology is everywhere these days, from our pockets to our bedrooms (and everywhere in-between). Filmmaker Jon Hyatt’s new documentary, Screened Out takes a look at how we’ve become overly reliant on our devices and how they’re having a negative impact in our lives, and the lives of the next generation. 

The trailer:

The synopsis:

All over the world, as technology grows and advances, so does our addiction to our devices. Join filmmaker Jon Hyatt and his family on a journey through the life changing effects of screen addiction, how the tech industry hooked global consumers, and its greater impact on our lives. From smartphones, portable tablets and social media, the tech industry has designed fun immersive technologies that have changed the way we communicate and interact with each other — but are these devices good for us? Are we too dependent? What keeps us hooked and how is it impacting our children and the world as a whole? 

The poster:

Screened Out hits all digital platforms on 1 June 2020 – pre-order it in iTunes here