Take Cover: Madonna Is Set To Direct Another Movie

madonna directs again

Madonna appears to have a love for cinema that nobody can suppress. Not just content with being a terrible actress, the ageing pop star made her feature directing debut the the poorly received W.E. in 2011. However, negative reviews aren’t going to stop her from directing another film – she has now set her sights on helming an adaptation of the Rebecca Walker novel Adé: A Love Story.
According to Deadline:

“The novel is based on Walker’s experience. It revolves around a young college student who falls in love with the title character, a young Swahili man, and they plan to marry and live a simple life in Kenya. All of that comes in jeopardy when they are caught in the middle of a civil war that threatens to tear them apart.”

You can just tell how terrible this is going to be from the synopsis.

So far, the project is without a writer – so it gives us time to prepare for yet another cinematic travesty from the wrinkled material girl.