Remembering Carrie Fisher

The great Carrie Fisher will forever be associated with the Star Wars movies. After all, Fisher played the iconic Princess Leia across six films in the George Lucas-originated franchise. However, there was much more to Fisher than that one role. [...]

December 27, 2021


Jim Gillespie – 1997. I Know What You Did Last Summer is an enjoyable entry into the slasher movie stable. It’s no Halloween, but this has the requisite thrills and spills to entertain for an hour and a half. An update of the type of [...]

August 28, 2021

Notebook Reviews: SCREAM 3

 Wes Craven – 2000 Scream 3 is an hugely enjoyable slasher movie – and one which also works quite well as a Hollywood satire. This third instalment of the Scream franchise sees Wes Craven back in the director’s chair, along with [...]

July 8, 2021

Review: 30 MILES FROM NOWHERE Is Full Of Surprises

When you see enough movies you get into the rhythm of certain genres and it’s often easy to guess what’s going to happen next. I can honestly say that director Caitlin Koller’s 30 Miles From Nowhere was a total surprise. You think you know [...]

February 24, 2019

First Look At New UK Slasher Movie FOX TRAP

Fox Trap is a new UK slasher movie that has just wrapped shooting. Jamie Weston directs this horror that harks back to classic genre movies like Curtains, Black Christmas and House on Sorority Row. Here’s the synopsis: After a terrible accident [...]

February 17, 2016

SCREAM Series For MTV; Wes Craven To Direct Pilot

A Scream television series for MTV? I’m not quite sure that we need it, but Dimension seems to want to milk their franchises (Scream, Spy Kids, Scary Movie) for all they’re worth. The belated fourth instalment of Wes Craven’s horror franchise [...]

April 26, 2013