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Notebook Reviews: GONE IN 60 SECONDS

Domenic Sena – 2000. Gone In 60 Seconds is a hugely enjoyable slice of mainstream entertainment from the mighty Jerry Bruckheimer. This popcorn thriller is expertly shot by director Dominic Sena – the film has a beautiful colour palette [...]

October 10, 2021

Notebook Reviews: BOILER ROOM

Ben Younger – 2000 Boiler Room is a surprisingly good financial thriller with a strong cast (Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Nia Long, Nicky Katt, Scott Caan, Jamie Kennedy and Ben Affleck) and some very good performances. The stand-out turn [...]

April 17, 2021

Uncovering Curiosities: George Gallo’s COLUMBUS CIRCLE

Columbus Circle is an odd little curio from 2012 featuring the not inconsequential talents of Selma Blair, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi, Kevin Pollak and Beau Bridges. A decade ago or so this may even have had a theatrical release, but we [...]

April 15, 2021