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DVD Review: Get Lost In Space With Sci-Fi Thriller BLACK BOX

Back in 2014, director Angel Delgado showed huge promise with his feature film debut, Brothers’ Day. The gritty crime thriller shone a light on the gang culture which prevails across England. For his follow-up film Black Box, Delgado has opted for [...]

May 29, 2021

Trailer For Indie Sci-Fi Film BLACK BOX

Movies In Focus loves to champion low budget filmmakers – especially those who work hard to push financial boundaries with a strong vision. That’s why I’ve been getting behind Angel Delgado‘s sci-fi film Black Box. Delgado [...]

July 15, 2020

DVD Review: BROTHERS Is A Well Crafted Crime Drama

Brothers is a low budget British drama set within Manchester’s criminal underworld. Director Angel Delgado’s film transcends its financial limitations to be a well crafted thriller which is as much a document detailing the thriving criminality [...]

April 12, 2016

Show Your Support For Independent Sci-Fi Film BLACK BOX

A key mission for Movies In Focus is to champion low budget filmmakers and help introduce unique voices to audiences. It’s very difficult for filmmakers to be heard over the noise of the loud Hollywood machine and to either raise funds or gain [...]

November 16, 2015