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Notebook Reviews: IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD

W. S. Van Dyke – 1939 It’s A Wonderful World is an enjoyable enough (and very short) screwball chase comedy with Claudette Colbert and James Stewart. Despite it’s pedigree – written by Ben Hecht and Herman J. Mankiewicz and [...]

June 30, 2024

Notebook Reviews: GREMLINS

Joe Dante – 1984 Joe Dante‘s Gremlins is a film which has held-up incredibly well in the face of time and CGI. Dante’s film opens as a Capraesque comedy before descending into a 1950s-style creature feature. It’s the perfect [...]

June 5, 2021

Top Christmas Movies: IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE

Part comedy, drama and fantasy film, Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life delivers on all levels, and its two hour running time manages to cram in a few important decades of US history. Originally overlooked on its original release, the film [...]

December 14, 2020

Top Christmas Movies: GREMLINS

Joe Dante’s comedy-horror Gremlins is as festive as it is freaky. The film is a Spielbergian/Capra-gone-to-hell (Crapra?) tale about a horde of mischievous creatures destroying small town USA during the Holiday Season. The great cast which [...]

December 13, 2020