danielle harris

Uncovering Curiosities: Michael Biehn’s THE VICTIM

Michael Biehn’s 2011 film, The Victim is a grim and gritty grindhouse-style thriller. The actor-turned-director shows that years spent hanging around film sets with the likes of James Cameron, Michael Bay and Robert Rodriguez have paid off, as he [...]

April 23, 2021

DVD Review: CAMP DREAD Is Dreadful

Camp Dread isn’t the most original of horrors. It’s a schlocky movie that tries to balance the 1980s style slasher movie with the modern day reality television phenomenon. The film stars scream queen Danielle Harris and Eric Roberts and a [...]

June 14, 2014

DVD Review: Many Face The Mighty Chopper In HATCHET 3

Violent, gory and very tongue-in-cheek – Hatchet 3 is not for the faint hearted. The film follows the police clean-up after the massacre in Hatchet 2, but things don’t go according to plan as Victor Crowley returns from the dead to partake [...]

March 9, 2014