blood father

Mel Gibson And Sean Penn Are The PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN

  Movies In Focus favourite Mel Gibson is teaming with Sean Penn for Professor and the Madman. The film is based on the Simon Winchester book about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. Farhad Safinia (writer of Gibson’s Apocalyptco) [...]

August 3, 2016

To Mel And Back: New BLOOD FATHER Trailer

This new trailer for Mel Gibson‘s Blood Father offers up a little more plot alongside the action. Gibson looks to be on fine form as the grizzled ex-con eager to go straight, only to get caught up with a gang of drug dealers. Early reviews [...]

July 9, 2016

Mel Gibson To Star In TAKEN-Style Thriller BLOOD FATHER

We’ll be seeing the mighty Mel Gibson back on the big screen, as the action icon has signed to star in Blood Father. The film, pitched as a Taken-style actioner will be helmed by Mesrine director Jean-Francois Richet. Written by The Town writer [...]

March 30, 2014