basil poledouris

Notebook Reviews: FOR LOVE OF THE GAME

Sam Raimi – 1999 For Love Of The Game is a major change of pace for horror director Sam Raimi. This baseball drama sees Kevin Costner excel as the ageing player forced to chose between his love for his girlfriend (Kelly Preston) and his love [...]

August 19, 2021

Notebook Reviews: QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER

Simon Wincer – 1990 Simon Wincer‘s Quigley Down Under is an excellent western with a fantastic leading performance from the great Tom Selleck. It’s yet another film which showcases his talents and once again proves that he should [...]

June 12, 2021


John Milius – 1982 What can you say about this epic fantasy from director John Milius? Arnold Schwarzenegger is great, Milius and Oliver Stone‘s script is rich and textured and and the rousing score from Basil Poledouris is fantastic! [...]

May 7, 2021