Sylvester Stallone Is Back For An ESCAPE PLAN Sequel; Where’s Schwarzenegger?


Movies In Focus really enjoyed the Sylvester Stallone/Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner Escape Plan (read the review). The film grossed a disappointing $25 million at the US box office, but over $137 million globally – and now a sequel is on the way. Whoop – whoop!

According to Deadline “Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films has green lit a sequel to their 2013 film Escape Plan, with Sylvester Stallone prepared to reprise the role he played in the original, this time in a supporting capacity.”

Stallone being in a supporting capacity means someone else will be toplining this  – but where is Schwarzenegger? He was the best thing in the first movie  – I said that ‘he not only delivers a great Schwarzenegger performance, but a great performance full-stop’. He needs to be back (no pun intended) for this sequel.

Deadline also reports that “a major Chinese component will be involved in the financing of the sequel, due to its predecessor’s huge success in the region. Pre-production will begin January 15th and the film will shoot March 15 in Ohio and China.’ Will this have a Chinese star – Jackie Chan would be a good fit.

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Source: Deadline