A Spoonful Of Sugar: MARY POPPINS Sequel On The Way


It would seem that Disney will continue to mine its back catalogue for remakes and sequels for as long as they keep scoring cash at the box office.

Mary Poppins is the latest film to be given the 21st Century update treatment, with Into The Woods director Rob Marshall calling the shots on the sequel to the Julie Andrews/Dick Van Dyke 1964 favourite. Anne Hathaway was the bookies top pick to score the role but new reports suggest Emily Blunt will take the lead in the new Depression-era sequel to the PL Travers adaptation.

There’s little surprise in this news. Disney has been pillaging their classics for almost a decade now and Mary Poppins is a perennial favourite. The big question is – why has it taken so long for this to happen?

Source: EW

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