Stupid! They Want A CGI James Dean For FINDING JACK

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the stupidity of some filmmakers. Casting a great actor in a movie is one thing, casting a cinematic icon who has been dead since 1955 and recreating him via CGI is just dumb. I could write thousands of words on how wrong this is, but I can’t even summon the energy.

Directors Anton Ernst and Tati Golykh want to recreate James Dean for their Magic City Films production, Finding Jack. The duo apparently scored the rights to use Dean’s image from the late actor’s estate (what was the family thinking – other than cash?)

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Adapted by Maria Sova from Gareth Crocker’s novel, Finding Jack is based on the existence and abandonment of more than 10,000 military dogs at the end of the Vietnam War. Dean will play a character called Rogan, considered a secondary lead role. 

This is simply wrong.