Steven Spielberg Wants To Direct The INDIANA JONES Reboot With Chris Pratt


A reboot/remake/rehash of Indiana Jones is going to happen – that’s a dead cert at this point and Disney (and Lucasfilm) is eager to replace Harrison Ford with Chris Pratt as everyone’s favourite whip-cracking archaeologist. At the minute there’s no script or director attached but it’s believed that Steven Spielberg has thrown his fedora into the ring to direct…if he likes a script.

Deadline reports that it’s ‘it’s too early to determine’ if Spielberg will helm his fifth Indiana Jones adventure but if Spielberg wants to direct, then Spielberg will direct (that’s a Hollywood Commandment contained within the Ark of the Covenant itself). The Oscar-winning director has a continuous packed slate but he’s always willing to shift around projects if he’s really eager to make something.

Spielberg picked Chris Pratt as the lead for Jurassic World, the third sequel to his 1993 blockbuster so it’s obvious he sees potential and casting him in Indiana Jones shows an even greater belief in the rising star (a belief I don’t have). If Steven Spielberg is directing a fifth Indiana Jones movie then Harrison Ford should return, but if they’re rebooting then they should bring in new blood at every level.

This news is speculation and it’s much too early to determine how this will play out in reality but rest assured – we will see Indiana Jones back on the big screen sooner rather than later.

Source: Deadline