Stephen King Adaptation THE GREEN MILE Is Still Magic More Than 20 Years On

Frank Darabont followed his acclaimed 1994 release, The Shawshank Redemption with The Green Mile, another Stephen King prison tale adaptation. While The Shawshank Redemption grossed a disappointing $28 million at the US box office, this 1999 Tom Hanks starrer banked $136 million and more than $286 million globally. 

The Green Mile is a better film than Shawshank – much less sentimental. Both films share a lot of the same themes and have a plot pivot which rely on a very similar twist of fate but the death row drama has much richer characterisation. The film isn’t compromised by its more supernatural elements and you don’t feel the 3 hour running time at all. 

The Green Mile also has great performances with a wonderful cast that includes Michael Clarke Duncan Barry Pepper, David Morse, Michael Jeter, Sam Rockwell, Bonnie Hunt, James Cromwell, Patricia Clarkson, Harry Dean Stanton and others.