STAR WARS VII Casting And Story News; Michael Fassbender To Star?

star wars casting news 2014

I’ve been keeping out of the Star Wars VII news rumour game recently because, well, there hasn’t really been any news. However, the latest scuttlebutt is almost too juicy to let go.

We all know that J.J. Abrams ditched Michael Arndt’s script, starting from scratch with a bit of help from Lawrence Kasdan. It seems that Arndt’s script hadd the offspring of Han, Luke and Leia as the main characters, with their parents having supporting roles. Not anymore. It now looks like the original trilogy’s protagonists will be front and centre in the new movie, although the younger characters will come into their own in the sequels.

Casting news on Star Wars VII has been ridiculous. The reason for this, is that Abrams is meeting with ‘everyone’. Famous, not famous – even the guy that served Abrams a cappuccino once when he was in Peru has met with the director about a potential role in the film.

Abrams met with Michael Fassbender in December to discuss a role, while Adam Driver (who is in the running for Nightwing in Batman/Superman) is also one of the latest names to be in contention, along with Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons. It’s unknown what roles they’ve discussed or if it was general chit-chat, but one man who has apparently met to discuss a role as an Imperial commander is serials franchise trilogy collector Hugo Weaving. If Weaving gets the part in this new Star Wars series it will sit nicely alongside his roles in The Matrix and Lord of the Rings trilogies.

Let’s backtrack a bit though – Fassbender in a Star Wars movie. That’s a pretty exciting prospect. However, the actor does have Assassin’s Creed scheduled for 2015, so that may knock him out of the running.

Lucasfilm is also said to be on the lookout for a 20-something female who is either of mixed race or black, to apparently play Obi-Wan Kenobi’s a daughter or granddaughter. Looks like old Obi-Wan wasn’t alone in his little shack in Tatooine after all. You’d think he might have at mentioned children over the course of six movies!

Is any of this accurate? We will find out soon enough because Star Wars VII starts shooting in April.