Stallone Is Back In The RAMBO: LAST BLOOD Trailer

Rambo: Last Blood seems to be something of a left turn for the 40 year old franchise. This fifth (and likely final) entry into Sylvester Stallone‘s bone-crunching, gun-blasting action series looks to be more of a modern day western and a meditation on violence than the other instalments.

David Morrell’s novel First Blood was a richly layered thriller and the movies took the character of John Rambo into a different direction (he dies in the book). However, in the book or in the films Rambo has always been an outsider and this Adrian Grunberg appears to keep that central conceit. He’s a man haunted by the violence which he is capable of causing.

The trailer looks good but be interesting to see how this comes together (I’m getting shades of Skyfall‘s last act). Stallone knows the character and How I Spent My Summer Vacation/ Get The Gringo director Adrian Grunberg should be deliver the goods but will a Rambo film work in 2019?

 We’ll find out when Rambo: Last Blood opens 20 September 2019.